About ExpressLink POS

Our company strives provide merchants, processing agents and ISOs a single source holistic solution for their merchant processing needs. Our goal is to not only connect merchants and payment processing providers but also provide them with the equipment they need. Whether you are a merchant or a large ISO, ExpressLink POS can provide you the equipment and supplies you need as well as help merchants find a great processing provider.

ExpressLink was founded by input from agents, merchants and ISOs. In speaking to so many individuals and businesses who are impacted by the growing payment acceptance industry, we have identified one core need that everyone shares: the ability to connect with each other.   It is out of this need that we created the ExpressLink connection which works by first attract agents and merchants and ISOs to our site by offering the best equipment pricing. We then connect merchants who are looking for a better processing contract with our channel partners who offer credit card processing services. Think you have what it takes to be a ExpressLink Channel Partner? Register to be part of our channel partner team HERE (Link to registration form)! Please keep in mind that we do not accept just anyone. Our selective screening process ensures that we only work with the most qualified professionals. Once you sign up to be a channel partner, you can be eligible to receive free referrals from merchants who are looking to sign up for a merchant account as well as agents who are looking for a better processing contract.

Why Choose ExpressLink POS:

  1. shutterstock_2090225Provide low Cost Equipment and supplies: Our site serves as a gathering well for both merchants, agents and agencies. By offering the most competitive pricing on equipment, paper and other supplies, ExpressLink brings value to both agents and merchants. Big or small, everyone loves a good deal!
  2. Attract Agents: Independent sales agents are the backbone of the payment acceptance industry. All Agents acquire merchant clientele. However, the best agents work to keep the merchant satisfied by providing fair pricing upfront and providing the best possible service after the merchant has signed up. Expresslink POS strives to service the agent by providing them with not only the best pricing on equipment and supplies but also access to our channel partner ISOs who offer the most competitive pricing to pass onto merchants as well as top level customer support.
  3. Create and Maintain relationships with channel partner agencies/ISOs: We at ExpressLink POS understand that in this highly competitive space, customer as well as qualified agent acquisition and retention is a constant struggle. Furthermore, the recent explosion of companies offering merchant services has largely turned merchant services into a commoditized product. ExpressLink POS provides two distinct solutions to these dilemmas.
    1. Provide you with the best and most competitive priced equipment
    2. Create Channel partner relationships with choice ISOs/MSPsISOs & MSPs want to create strategic partnerships with ExpressLink because it means more business. This is because ExpressLink POS not only markets equipment to merchants and Agents, we also help connect merchants and Agents with our channel partners. By acting as an aggregator for merchants and agents, ExpressLink POS can command the best pricing structure for agents who are looking for a better contract as well as merchants who are looking to connect with an ISO/MSP. Think you have what it takes to be one of our channel partners? CLICK HERE to complete our partner form and one of our staff will contact you.
    3. Connect Channel Partners with agents and merchants. If you meet the criteria to be a channel partner, you will automatically receive qualified leads for both Agents looking for a better company/contract as well as merchants who are looking to switch payment processing providers.
  4. Concierge Brokerage Services: Are you an Agent or ISO/MSP who is looking for a better processing contract? Allow ExpressLink to utilize our collective bargaining power to find the best contract for you. We are constantly receiving offers from multiple companies who would like us to market them as a channel partner. We carefully vet the companies who are interested in working with us and only choose the best ones. This puts us in a unique position to broker a deal for your organization.
  5. Custom Branded Solutions: ExpressLink POS offers ways to separate yourself from the competition. Whether it’s through our industry first custom branded POS terminals, website development packages or delivering a white label processing program complete with a mobile payment service, we can provide the solution for you.